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Grade 2 AND grade 3 Pack

This pack has been worked out in accordance with the stationery and clothing lists supplied by schools for Grades 2 and 3. Total for the pack R160.00

Includes the following:

40 Small pencil stickers (40mm x 5mm) No icon

80 Wrap around pencil stickers (20mm x 30mm) No icon

20 Basic Vinyl name stickers (15mm x 30mm) No icon

10 Small Vinyl name stickers (20mm x 50mm) with Icon

12 Book Stickers (65mm x 30mm) Icon plus class i.e. Gr 2R


24 Iron-on clothing labels (50mm x 10mm) - R35.00

12 (6 pairs) shoe rounds ( 35mm diameter ) with icons - R30.00   

1 ID Bag Tag (50mm diameter) - R50.00

If you did not order the Gr 1 pack which included 2 bag tags - moms normally want 2 bag tags, one for the school bag and the other one for the sports bag.


Customise your Grade 2/3 pack

(only one name per pack)

1. The name to be printed on the items

2. One font (from our 10 fonts). This font will be used for all items in this pack

3. Choose up to 4 different background colours per pack (from our 16 colours)

4. Choose up to 4 different icons per pack (from our 196 icons)

5. If you are needing one or two ID bag tags choose: One colour for each ID bag-tag, an icon for each tag and a telephone/cellphone number to go on the back of each tag if required

The colour of all writing will be black or white depending on the background colour/s. Please note that the iron-on labels (if required) will all be white with no icon and with black writing