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1. Party invitations, party pack stickers and/or name stickers for juice bottles for themed parties

2. Party Welcome boards


1. Parties

Available in a theme using one or two of our icons:

10 party invitations for R120.00

(size of each 100mm x 145mm)

10 party pack stickers for R60.00

(size of each 90mm x 60mm)

10 party name stickers for R25.00

(size of each 50mm x 20mm)

The invitations are magnetised for your guests to keep them on the fridge as a reminder. The party pack stickers will have a similar theme and will complement the invitations.  Each party pack sticker can have a different child’s name to identify his or her party pack/party bucket/party box.
The name stickers are ideal to stick on juice bottles etc.

If you have more than 10 children attending the party you may order additional invitations at R12.00 each, party pack stickers at R6.00 each and party name stickers at R2.50 each.

Customise your Party Invitations and Stickers

Decide on the theme and we will design the invitations and the party pack stickers for you at no additional cost.  We will send the proof of the invitation to you for approval before going ahead with the printing.
For the invitations choose your party theme (i.e. pirate theme, princess theme), by choosing a suitable icon from our icon list.  Let us have the theme, the number of the icon and the wording for the party invite as well as the names of the guests for the party packs and name stickers. The name stickers will have the same names as those you supply for the party pack stickers.


2. Party Welcome board

1 lightweight Welcome to Party board for R85.00
(Size 450mm x 300mm)

Light plastic board with full glossy vinyl print to put outside showing where the party is and welcoming the guests.  Follow your chosen theme on this board and add a few balloons for effect.

Customise your Welcome Board

Choose your icon, name on board, colour background and font.